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Poster: eg0cide Date: May 16, 2012 11:00am
Forum: netlabels Subject: Contribution call from eg0cide : the perfect failure (?)

Eg0cide is looking for contributors for a new collective project based on the theme of failure. If you are a genius who plays and records only great music, you can stop reading right now (and please send us one of your still unpublished masterpiece for an individual release instead of something for this project.)

The rules are simple : send us the sound(s) you consider being the worst (boring / badly recorded / unbearable / laughable...the criteria are totally subjective and entirely up to you) you've ever created/recorded and that you haven't still destroyed - for any (preferably bad) reason(s). We won't make a compilation of these tracks, but a single piece mixing the submitted sounds.
The paradoxical goal of this project is to achieve "something" out of this sum of failures - the "perfect" failure? But if we reach this goal, wouldn't it be a failure? And if we fail, wouldn't it be a success?
Pictures and texts (please in english or french language only) are also welcome, as they could be used in the making of a virtual cover / presentation booklet.

     Technical details
- Sounds : they can be already mixed pieces or single tracks of any genre and from any source (instrumental music, voice recordings, field recordings, etc...)
- Length : free
- Number of files : free
- File format : free - from 8kbps mp3s to 96 khz wav - the only restriction is that our computer is able to open the file. . .
- Submissions : If your file is less than 10 MB big you can send it directly by mail to Otherwise please upload it to free filehosts like,,, soundcloud...
- Use of your files : We can't say in advance if we will use your file(s) or not, and if we do use them, we reserve ourselves the right to edit them, but we plan not to add excessive effects (like loads of reverb or time-stretching...), although we could change our mind during the mixing process...Pictures / texts will be used with similar methods : mostly cut & paste.
- Deadline : There is no deadline - the project will come to an end when we consider the mix is finished.
- Credits : Due to the specific nature of the project, it won't have a playlist in the usual "author - title" form. The list of contributors will simply be published with the finished piece. Thus, your files don't need a title, just tell us the name by which you wish to be credited. You can also contribute anonymously, if so please don't forget to mention it when you send your contribution(s).
- License : The release will be dedicated to the public domain, published on eg0cide, available for free download on

Updates will be posted here on eg0cide's site

Thanks in advance for your contributions
Please forward the info to all your friends (or ennemies)